An Update

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When I stated OCI, I had much more discretionary time on my hands. Now I am months away from completing my Ph.D., I have a home with land to tend, and a newborn child. I wanted OCI to be many things, but that scope has long been incompatible with my time availability. But the goals I set for this site have always been brewing in the back of my head - always nagging me as an unfinished project. Well, here I am! And here's the plan:

  • In the peak of my promotion for OCI, one of the most common pieces of advice was to work on the branding - IE no one wants to type "", and the name doesn't really fit with the idea of a catalog of electronic designs. Really, the name implies a spot to learn about circuits. So, that is the new direction of OCI - purely original educational content. There are loads of great sites for the theory behind circuit design, and I think that space is crowded enough that I wouldn't be able to create a substantial impact on my own. Instead the content will be largely based around bi-weekly projects that demonstrate how intuitive circuit design can be, and to help lower the barrier to entry for many. I'm still mulling over a format, but the general idea I have is to strive to become the "Bob Ross" of circuit design.
  • So what about the circuit repository?? Well - I am removing that component from Open Circuit Institute, as it has no place here with this rebranding scheme. But fear not! I have acquired a new domain,, which will be the new design catalog. I'm cutting out self-hosting the files, and instead providing infrastructure for users to post link to external repositories, blogs, etc. My server space is being used for other data-collection projects and as such is getting a bit crowded, and I think this format is all around better. I'm planning a tool which analyzes BOMs and helps to generate a database of most-used parts. Many other aspects of the old database structure will be preserved.
  • OCI will become a front-end for displaying my educational content, all of the designs will be hosted on, and will be cataloged in

Originally I intended to rebrand OCI under the new domain, but I think it would really be advantageous for me to split into two websites. So what's the timeline? Well, that's hard, as this is a hobby project and I have to pay the bills. The Circuit Site isn't being planned to be build around a CMS, and therefore may take some time to develop, but that should hopefully give me the freedom to create exactly what I'm envisioning.