Dev Log: Copper Carve - Back in Action!

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Somehow The working edition of Copper Carve got overwritten / lost. I'm not sure. There were a bunch of features and fixes that I programed that were lost. Needless to say it was very demotivating when I realized I'd have to redo a lot of work. Couple that with getting a new house and career advancement made it very difficult to continue work on Copper Carve.

But now things have stabilized and I'm ready to pick up the threads and make Copper Carve a cohesive software for working with the D3D Mill. Here are some features that I'm going to focus on first:

  • Update the Gcodelib.cpp to Have a Find-and-Replace Function: This function will take a given g-code line, and check it against a user generated file. If there is a valid replacement, the function will modify the given instruction to use the correct command for Marlin. This is essential for operating with the output from FlatCAM - since not all of the g-code commands are correct for Marlin.
  • Quality of Life Improvements for Auto-Leveling: The Auto-leveling functions will pull data from the g-code (IE to find the footprint) and will automatically suggest probing parameters. There will also be increased guidance on how to set up the probing.
  • General Code Restructuring: My code got a little messy and can be compacted - as I go through the code I will simplify & clarify things.
  • Compiled Copy: Copper Carve desperately needs a compiled version so anyone can just pick it up and play. This hasn't happened mostly due to my ignorance of QT. But I'm going to figure it out!

And this is just the beginning. I'm starting relatively small in scope - but will put out the next to-do list once this one's taken care off!

Copper Carve in its current state




Keep up the good work!