240VAC to 24VDC Charger

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Smart charger that goes from 240 AC to 24V DC lead acid batteries. The equivalent commercial counterpart is https://www.ebay.com/itm/24V-5A-Jazzy-Power-Chair-XLR-Mobility-Smart-Charger/331199313251. This is currently used as a backup charger for the Seed Eco-Home as we test the overall PV system.
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Is there a reason why you're going from solar DC to AC then back to DC? Would it be more efficient to go directly from solar to 24VDC (going through less power converters)? Also do you want an increased current capacity or is 5A fine?

The AC line is a backup trickle charge line at high voltage from the grid 1000 feet away. If we did lower voltage, the backup line would be expensive. At 14 ga buried dog fence line - the line cost around $80 for 1000 feet. 5A chargers are at 24V, so only 120W each. We are using 2 of these to run up to 240W of backup power at night. We need only 120W. 240W leaves buffer room. A 10 or 20A charger would be good if we can keep the cost down. The AC line is rated for 2A at 240 - or almost 1/2 kW. This can support up to 20A of charging at 24V. Thus, we can accept a maximum of a 20A charger. 5A is nice in that you can do this trickle charge line over long distances for a microgrid.