AC to DC Converter

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AC to DC Converter

Is anyone planning on making an AC to DC converter? I may want to to try and make one if not. I'm planning to make a simple circuit that takes 120V and brings it down to 12V DC

If you're planning to make an

If you're planning to make an AC-DC converter, that would be great! I'd be overjoyed to have your submission. Additionally you can make a request for the design here:

I am looking forward to using

I am looking forward to using this design as a float charger for charging a Lithium Ion battery and also running a DC load simultaneously. Battery charging Current shall be 1.0 Amp and balance 2.0 made available for the load. Please advise how current sensing be applied or which circuit path shall be current limited and which one will have no limit.
R9 is provided between chip GND and Earth. GND is indicated on the output terminal as well as pin no. 15 of the IC.

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