Desktop Audio Mixer

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A device that mixes two or more analog audio signals into one analog signal, Does so via multiple inputs with dimmer switches for individual volume control. It should be Audiophile/Studio Quality Sound (I.E Low Noise). Can be either banalced or unbalanced. Is a part of this OSE construction set: On this page:
Yet to be Fufilled


Shane Oberloier's picture

I've started working on this design. A lot of the Audio equipment on your OSE wiki page is going to need a +- supply, so I thought that it would make sense to first design that. So here it is: . Here is the basic schematic I'd follow: (scroll down to Summing Amplifier Audio Mixer). I'll probably use these potentiometers for volume control . And I'll use screw terminals for the output. That way you can connect to what ever type of connector you want on the enclosure.