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Submission ideas - more pictures


I really like the possibilities for this site. Found you through your post on a reddit thread. This is obviously a newly launched site, but you have some great work done on it.

A suggestion, I'd add in 2 or 3 pictures for submissions, so you can have the 3d model, the schematics, and maybe a picture of the actual populated board in action, or a GIF of it in action.

Again, nice work.


Sorry I missed your post!


I feel really bad! I don't often check the forums right now for obvious reasons (cricket cricket), and I completely missed your post! First thanks for taking a look at the site - I'm glad you like it! I like the idea of more pictures (and I'm sure users would like that too). Something like how Thingiverse does it. This site is built off of Drupal (yay open source) - so I'll see what kind of photo album modules they offer.

Thanks again for the feedback!

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