From the Web: Dooba Open Source Phone

Shane Oberloier's picture

The open source phone by Dooba, called "Trill" is awesome. Open source PCB with a 3D printed enclosure. Beautiful little OLED display. Making a cellphone has been my objective for about a year - I even have most of the parts already. Sadly I haven't had the time to sit down and really work on it. But my cellphone is on it's last leg (And I've had it since 2012 - so it can be considered archaic at this point). I really don't want to buy another phone - so Trill is on my wishlist.

I know it's not as aesthetically pleasing as an iPhone - and is more reminiscent of a mid 1990's phone. But my opinion that just adds to the charm. I really only use my phone to make calls and send texts. Other than that - phones are generally big distraction machines. I don't ever really feel like I own a piece of technology unless it is open source - because then I know I can go through and maintenance the thing, change features I don't like, etc etc.

On a slightly related note - there's this hype that arises once and awhile about "modular" phones (See this article). Despite being pursued by big companies - they never seem to work out. I think that the open source community can solve this. Rather than a single developer making modules - the open source community can contribute. I envision a community similar to Open Circuit Institute, where engineers and programmers can upload their designs, sell specialized or upgraded modules, and firmware. I can only hope that a phone like the Trill can help spark that kind of movement.