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Welcome to the Open Circuit Institute. I'm Shane and I have a true passion for electronics and open source tech. OCI is a project I started to help unify all of the circuit designs floating around the internet. You can kind of think of it as the popular 3D printing site, Thingiverse, except for with circuit boards.

There are a lot of ways you can contribute.

You can upload a design, perhaps it's a new creation or something that's been on your hard drive for awhile. If you're making a new design, consider using the universal parts list.

You can browse designs on the site and either use them as is, or modify them for your specific purposes.

If you're not familiar with circuit board design, you can browse the How To's section, or try and learn from others designs. Or if you have a great idea you want to share, go ahead and create a design request!

If you appreciate the direction that OCI is going, consider donating what ever you feel comfortable with. The funds will help keep the server up, pay for open source product and video production, and will go towards competition prizes. These competitions will be used to draw in more great open source content.

I feel the idea of OCI has some true potential, but it takes the help of engineers, students, and hobbyists to turn it into something great.