What is the Universal Parts List?

The Universal Parts List (UPL) is a comprehensive list of parts that can be used for a majority of DIY circuit boards. From transistors, resistors, and LEDs to logic gates, regulators, and heat sinks, these are all flexible components that should be usable in a wide range of applications. Note that this list does not involve anything that is external to a circuit board (say enclosures, other circuit boards [an Arduino], cables, etc).

To use this list, click on the heading of part category you need and locate a relevant part. This list has also been turned into a KiCAD Library which is fully populated with information and footprints. This library will greatly expedite the design process. If you use only parts from the UPL, then check the "UPL compliant" box when uploading your design, letting everyone know that your design is an easy build!

Whenever you order parts from the UPL, order a few extra so you can build a part stock, so then boards can be built on demand. Or just buy a few of each all at once, what ever works for your budget!