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Split an analog signal to two independent inputs. Utilize UPL 6.003. Use unity gains.
Signal Conditioning
Using parts from the UPL, based around the ATMEGA32A-PU (UPL 9.003), design a 3 axis 3D printer controller. Allow for extruder controller, and 3 end stops. Design around Pololu plug and play motor controllers (not on UPL)
3D Printing
Solar/battery powered, large enough for a *small* fence i.e. 50ft, not 10000 like most chargers. These would be really useful e.g. when keeping animals away from a single fruit tree. Commercial chargers are just too big/expensive for these usages which I think would be very frequent if the charger were available.
Based around one of the ATMega chips from the UPL. Control a VGA screen at 800x600px, display standard ASCII characters. Allow the system to be communicated to by UART (or potentially I2C). This can essentially act as a "graphics card" for other ATMega projects. The idea could be expanded to an "Arduino game console"
Audio Visual
A small desktop device that can convert various sound inputs (Be it MIDI, XLR, or a 6.5mm Plug) to a digital signal for interfacing with computer for things like editing in a Digital Audio Workstation such as "Audacity" Hopefully Studio/Audiophile Sound Quality. It should use USB type C or Thunderbolt 3 for computer connectivity. End product should be something like this: or this:
Sound & Music
Using noise on an ADC pin, incrementing some algorithm, create a random number generator that is addressable via I2C. This can likely be done with an ATTINY85-20PU (UPL 9.001) and an antenna trace. Break out via header pins.
Sub Circuits
Equivalent of - for light duty MIG Welder applications. Though this is called MIG becuase it has a spool and gun - this does not have shielding gas but only flux core wire.
Power Electronics
Using a 555 timer (UPL 7.001), generate a square wave who's frequency is determined by a capacitance placed across two terminals. This can be used for capacitive sensing applications.
Create a 1 bit alu slice, capable of: Increment, Decrement, Shift Up, Shift Down, And, Or, NAND. Use UPL digital logic chips.
Digital Logic
A probe + control system that allows one to present cut-in and cut-out temperature for a water circulation system. Could be Arduino-based to make it part of a larger automation system with multiple probes and control solenoids. The application is hydronic heating hot water circulation from an open source hydronic stove with a pipe-based heat exchanger. NPT pipe connections are used for the probe insertion point, or the probe can go on the outside of a pipe so it's non-invasive. See current sytem design at