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Create a 1 bit alu slice, capable of: Increment, Decrement, Shift Up, Shift Down, And, Or, NAND. Use UPL digital logic chips.
Digital Logic
A battery charger that takes in the input which is DC (12v) or AC (120 or 240v), and uses it to charge one or more batteries in a vehicle such as an E-Bike, or a Velomobile. There are many existing models with the AC inputs, but the DC would be unique, and add to chances of adoption. The DC input is for removing the inverter losses if one were to use a DC Generator, a Fuel Cell, or Solar Panels, to power and/or recharge their vehicle. Output should be a XT-30, a XT-60, and a XT-90 dc connector. Mild Weatherproofing ins a nice to have.
Power Electronics
A probe + control system that allows one to present cut-in and cut-out temperature for a water circulation system. Could be Arduino-based to make it part of a larger automation system with multiple probes and control solenoids. The application is hydronic heating hot water circulation from an open source hydronic stove with a pipe-based heat exchanger. NPT pipe connections are used for the probe insertion point, or the probe can go on the outside of a pipe so it's non-invasive. See current sytem design at
Measuring UV-C requires a pricey UV-C photometer. The 1918 ANALOG UV SENSOR BREAKOUT Board (see measures UV light but it has very poor sensitivity in the 254nm germicidal UVC wavelength range. I see that the GUVC-S10GD photodiode has a spectral range of 220nm - 280nm, which is ideal! (See Do you think the GUVA-S12SD photodiode on the 1918 ANALOG UV SENSOR BREAKOUT Board could be de-soldered and replaced with the GUVC-S10GD photodiode or similar?