1.3 Adjusting Title Block Format and Content

In KiCAD, you can customize the title block to fit your design, as well as change the aesthetics. You can also specify which information you want to display.

Creating Your own Page Layout

  • In the Main Menu of KiCAD, navigate to Tools > Run Page Layout Editor. (Alternatively you can click Ctrl+Y)
  • The default KiCAD page layout is displayed. It is recommended to modify this design and use "Save As". However if you truly wish to start from scratch, you may clear the default page with File > New Page Layout Design (Alternatively Ctrl+N)
  • To begin adding elements, right click onto the layout and select your desired element (text, line, bitmap, etc).
  • Note that the properties for this element can be edited in the "Properties" menu to the right.
  • To manually move an element, scroll over it with your cursor, and click the "M" key.