Motor controller

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This AC dimmer circuit utilizes a zero crossing detector and Triac. The output power can be controlled by adjusting a potentiometer value. The max current allowed is 10A (limited by the Triac).

This device can control the power delivered to any type of AC device, not just lamps. It can work on AC motors, heaters, power supplies,etc.

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This design is a simplified H-bridge power inverter. It is completely open loop - there is no voltage or current control. The part count is as minimal as possible, and is intended to act as a template for more complex designs.

The design is not fully routed because some traces must be 8mm - which is impossible to route given DIY design techniques. In order to get around that, wire can be soldered underneath the board in place of traces.

The code has not been written fro the design. It may closely follow the attached Octave script for logic.

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